Combat Lack-Luster Winter Hair

15 July 20130 Comments

Winter weather can trigger absolute havoc on your hair. It becomes dry, brittle and damaged, like every shred of moisture has been sucked out of it.


Hair becomes dry in the winter thanks to a combination of the cold, dry air outside and dry heating inside. Also, because it is so cold and windy outside, we tend to use our heat stylers and hair dryers more often which contributes to lack luster locks. Add to that sun exposure, usually the sun bouncing off snow, snarled hair caused by wind, snow and rain, and you have all the elements to promote a bad hair season.

While abstinence from using certain hair products is the best attack on dry hair, this is not always the most realistic move. You would be hard pressed to find a woman who would completely give up her hair dryer and straightener for the sake of healthier hair - although they still want the best of both worlds!

However there are ways to help hair along and keep it healthy all year round without completely giving up the heat-based styling products.

Simple and quick fixes include wearing a hat outdoors to prevent the cold air and wind hitting your locks. Don't go outside with wet hair, this is a no no anyway, but it is worse in winter. If the weather is cold enough your hair will freeze and be prone to breakage. When washing your hair use warm, not hot, water. Hot water dries out your hair. Avoid washing your hair everyday as this strips it of the natural oils that keep it healthy.

If you have thick hair you should use a rich moisturizing conditioner two to three times a week, making sure to apply the product about two inches away from the scalp. The product should ideally include essential fatty acids and humectants - a substance which helps retain water. 

For those with thin and flyaway hair, using your regular conditioner and followed by a leave-in conditioner spray will suffice. Even if you have extremely damaged hair a deep conditioner will weigh it down. Silicone based sprays go on dry and don't weigh hair down but they still provide great protection against winter elements.

In the case of shampoos, the more moisturizing, the better. Try choosing a product with moisturizing properties such as oils and natural herbs that are ultra moisurising and prevent the hair from becoming damaged. Continuing in the same vain, those with vulnerable strands should lay off using harsh ammonias in their hair during winter. Avoiding hair sprays with a high alcohol content is also a good idea as the alcohol tends to dry hair out.

Other issues that can plague hair during the winter is static. The dry conditions cause hair to pick up electrical charges from the air and can make your hair look frizzy. The best way to combat this problem is by using an ultra moisturising shampoo and conditioner and rinsing the hair with white vinegar and using an ionic hairdryer. Failing that, there are plenty anti-frizz hair care products on the market. Look for crème-based products and only use them on the ends of your hair to avoid a greasy build up. 

For advice on what products are the best to tackle winter hair talk to your hairdresser about what is the most suitable for your hair type.

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