Organic Colours Are The Way To Go

11 September 20130 Comments

Our hair is one of our most important beauty assets. It frames our face and even provides an insight into our personalities by the way we have it cut, styled and coloured - so it makes sense that most of us want to look after our hair in the best way we can. Organic hair dyes are becoming very popular among those who are sensitive to chemicals, or want their hair to regain its natural beauty without the use of harmful ingredients while making an environmentally friendly cosmetic option at the same time.

Organic products are safer

Organic and natural hair dyes don’t contain harsh synthetic chemicals or artificial colours. They are free from ingredients such as ammonia, parabens, PPD’S, perozide, lead and resorcinol. These are known to cause allergic reactions in some people, including skin rashes, itching, burning sensations and other health issues. Because organic ingredients are completely natural, scalp irritation issues are almost eliminated. When trying any sort of hair dye for the first time, whether it be organic or a traditional colour, it is always a safe idea to do a patch test by applying a small dab to the inside of your arm or behind your ear. Wait for 24 hours and if no reaction such as itching, burning or rash appears, the product is safe to use. Avoid dyes with more than 10 ingredients as they are likely to contain synthetic materials that will dry out the scalp, destroy hair follicles and irritate oil-producing glands. Organic hair dyes are also a healthy choice for pregnant women - going organic dramatically reduces the number of chemicals around the mother and baby.

They help the environment 

Every time we wash our hair after using non-organic hair colouring, we are putting chemicals in the environment. When you use organic products, bio-degradable, natural substances (and not harsh chemicals) are going down the drain and into the air and not harsh chemicals. Producing these products is also easier on the environment as there are no manufactured, chemically enhanced ingredients. 

Better for your hair

Like putting natural, unprocessed foods into our body, organic dyes are made from natural minerals, herbal extracts and oils and are designed to nourish your hair without causing it to break. Products that strip your hair often cause either excessive dryness or oil production which can leave hair looking dull and make it difficult to manage. Organic products encourage hair growth and are generally made with the natural moisturisers like coconut oil, aloe vera and shea butter.


Our team at Loaf Salon are playing an active role in protecting the environment and are excited to announce that we are one of the first salons in New Zealand to offer clients a safer and more environmentally friendly certified range of hair dye – the Natulique Certified Organic range. This line of organic hair range is free from many of the harsh chemicals that can be found in many traditional hair dyes and contains certified and environmentally friendly organic ingredients. To treat your hair to a truly enjoyable organic experience, book an appointment with one of our friendly team.

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" The new organic hair dye at Loaf salon has been absolutely great for me. I have had absolutely no reaction problems at all with this product - unlike any other low-allergy product I have tried. The colour is great and my hair, feels softer. All in all, one very happy user! Thank you Kim. " Georgia - Merivale


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