Introducing Loyalty Cards for ALL CLIENTS

We truly appreciate your loyalty so as a sign of our appreciation we are offering a loyalty program.

For our clients that enjoy having their hair cut and coloured, your 4th visit you will enjoy a free hair treatment, and on your 8th visit we give your $40.00 off of your service.

For our Hair Cut only Clients we are introducing  that you enjoy your 10th haircut FREE.

When you are buying your hair care products your 10th product that you purchase will also be FREE.




TIP: Good products, good hair

In our experience, shampoo and treatments actually DO help hair. In between cuts, it's essential to use good quality products, especially if hair is dry and stressed. By doing so your hair will become healthier which will encourage new hair growth. If you're unsure what's best for you, just ask. We're always happy to give you our best advice so you can make the decision that feels right for you.

TIP: Why is a good hair cut so important? Do face shape, age and skin tone really matter?

A good cut is all about balance. If it's not cut well it won't lay right... And there's nothing worse than every day turning into a bad hair day! Of course, a good haircut is only half of it. Choosing the right colour for your complexion can literally make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. It's amazing to see the difference great hair can make to a person's appearance, not to mention their overall feeling of energy and well-being.

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  • Who doesn't want luxurious, silky hair with a bright and vibrant colour? When our hair is in its optimum condition, it is shiny, soft, and easy to manage. Hair that has been damaged by heat, chemicals, or a general lack of care may become brittle and appear dull and lifeless. Try these tips to improve keep your coloured hair healthy and beautiful! read more »
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" The new organic hair dye at Loaf salon has been absolutely great for me. I have had absolutely no reaction problems at all with this product - unlike any other low-allergy product I have tried. The colour is great and my hair, feels softer. All in all, one very happy user! Thank you Kim. " Georgia - Merivale


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